This program will save you a ton of time and money because you will never need another program like it again. It teaches you all the secrets you need to be a sex god between the sheets and please women in ways they never imagined.

The Sex God Blueprint is something that is guaranteed to change your life for the better. It was evaluated by a product study group who gave it a 10/10 after taking the time to try out the methods. That’s a 100% satisfaction rate that nobody else can boast.

Now, you’re probably wondering what is in this program that is so life changing? I’m going to share with you now some of the most common sex mistakes that men make that the Sex God Blueprint explains.

The biggest mistake men make when it comes to sex is not realizing how important foreplay is to women. Most men just consider foreplay to be any number of activities that happen before actual sex. To men, foreplay are the pre-sex activities like kissing, sensual touching, oral sex, fingering, etc.

Most men engage in foreplay because they know women want it, and they know they have to do it in order to get to the real sex. Even men who are newbies when it comes to sex understand that more foreplay is what gets the ladies going.

But men typically don’t stop to ask why foreplay is so important to women. The Sex God Blueprint explains that for women, foreplay is the epitome of what women want in a relationship. For most women, the foreplay is equally if not more important than the actual penetration. It’s also as much a part of sex as the penetration itself.

Women don’t necessarily need a lot of extra time and fancy tricks to get hot. And they don’t want foreplay just because it means you have to wait longer. Women need foreplay because it’s during that time that many of their emotional needs are met.

Women need to fell wanted, loved, and needed. Since during the penetration part of sex, most men end up in their own little worlds and mostly forget about their partners, those gentle kisses, soft caresses, and long gazes into her eyes tells her that you think of her as more than a vagina.

Foreplay, as the Sex God Blueprint explains, is the personal part of sex for a woman that allows her to feel close to her partner and allows her to experience much more pleasure since her emotional needs are being met. She feels fully recognized as a living, breathing part of your sexual satisfaction.

The reason most women aren’t usually completely satisfied with sexual encounters is that there is a lack of the emotional side of it, but the Sex God Blueprint will teach you how to create an emotional connection with a woman as you touch her physically. It is the bringing together of the physical and emotional sides of sex that makes the Sex God Blueprint truly unique and the driving force behind its success.

Once you start using the techniques described in the Sex God Blueprint, your partner won’t just feel your lips when you kiss her. She will also feel a deeper emotional connection beneath it. With the Sex God Blueprint, you can successfully bridge the emotional and physical and create that experience that women long for: being WITH a man.

It was that deeper emotional connection that led my girlfriend of 5 years to feel like she had really been with me for the first time in our relationship.

Another thing that foreplay is made for is the senses, and the Sex God Blueprint can teach you how to make your next foreplay session so sensually stimulating for your partner that she will get hot fast and stay there.

Everything from the feel of your fingers across her skin to the smell of scented candles to the sound of your lips as they pull away from hers play to all of her senses and will build your partner up to a pleasure point she’s only ever dreamed about.

When you do foreplay right, to a woman, it’s like having one very long and very pleasing orgasm.

Only the Sex God Blueprint program can teach you everything you need to know to please woman in ways they didn’t know they could be pleased.

There are many benefits to being in a committed relationship. One of them is that you have physical privileges that nobody else has, and unapologetic access to every part of her body. While she can certainly connect emotionally with her female friends and family members, there are certain ways that you have exclusive connectivity rights to.

Foreplay is one of those.

As her partner, you and only you have the ability to connect with her on an emotional level by touching her physically in places that nobody else has access to. She can hug her mom or her girlfriends, but only you get to run your hands along the curves of her breasts, lick her body wherever you please, and slide your fingers in hidden places.

You, and only you, have the privilege of indulging her sexual desires and taking quiet possession of every part of her body. You can connect your tongue, lips, fingers, hands, and other parts of your body with hers in ways that nobody else can.

It’s through foreplay that you get to take advantage of this unique privilege, yet so many men miss those opportunities to please their woman in such ways. The Sex God Blueprint will remind you as it reminded me of how important foreplay is to a woman.

Women are longing desperately to be touched and kissed and to feel the warmth of another person’s skin next to theirs. And if you are her partner, then she’s longing for you to touch and kiss her, and realizing how important of a job that is will be the first step in becoming a sex god.

Now, let’s take a moment to look at some reasons why men tend to suck at foreplay.

Although all men knows that foreplay works, and even if you don’t know what you’re doing it’s still pretty easy to get a woman going, it’s not uncommon for a guy who’s meaning well to make mistakes that leave the woman unsatisfied.

The root of the problem is that men don’t have a way to practice foreplay unless they’re actually in the middle of foreplay. When you’re practicing and performing at the same time, that makes it difficult to get better at something.

Women, on the other hand, have spent much of their life hugging and touching each other affectionately, so they are able to practice some parts of foreplay without realizing it.

Another reason men aren’t as good at foreplay according to the Sex God Blueprint is that they’re not good at being there in the moment. Most guys are goal-driven and are always looking for what’s the next thing that needs to get done. They often find it hard to be there just enjoying the moment for what it is, and the slow and steady build that women need in sex is not something guys understand.

Men are used to working toward goals, and oftentimes, foreplay is viewed only as a means to an end. And no matter how good you get at foreplay, women can sense whether you are doing something for their pleasure or because you want to get to what you consider real sex.